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Anne Kolbe Nature Center

One of the largest urban parks in Florida, the nature center is rich in native vegetation...

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Carpenter House (Beach Access)

The Carpenter House, with Atlantic Ocean beach access, offers the perfect combination...

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Fern Forest Nature Center

Royal Fern Hall, located on the second floor of the nature center, provides a serene...

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Long Key Nature Center

Long Key's magnificent live oak hammock and an outdoor pedestrian bridge offer the...

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Markham Park & Target Range

If you're looking for an unusual venue, the Shotgun Hall, located at an active target...

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Plantation Heritage Park

The Fountain Room in this 88.5-acre park features large windows facing the property's...

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Tree Tops Park

This 243.3-acre park got its name by having the highest natural elevation in the...

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Secret Woods

Broward County's first nature center is home to Julia Hall, a thoroughly modern facility...

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